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Last year I had the opportunity to begin illustrating my first children's picture book for a wonderful and talented children's author.

The first books will be published as part of a larger series this year. I am currently working on illustrations for the next series of books. 

It has been amazing to apply my understanding of colour, texture and pattern from my career as a surface designer into the wonderful worlds and magical characters of children's picture books. 

I had the opportunity to visit Bologna Children's book fair this year. This experience further fuelled by passion and love for children's illustration. Since returning I have started to write and illustrate my own children's picture book that I will be taking out to Bologna next year.


My sketchbook and iPad come everywhere with me, sunshine or rain you can find me stopping to sketch. Developing characters from my sketches and creating imaginary worlds for them to live in is wonderful and inspiring. 

If you have an idea, a story, a character that needs to be brought to life through pictures I would love to hear from you. 

You can also follow my picture book journey on instagram @holly.schiefer


Keep your eyes out for my Newsletter coming soon ... *freebies incoming 



'What a wonderful start to a working relationship! Thanks so much Holly for your lovely illustrations'

'Holly has created truly stunning settings which have inspired a new character for future stories. I’m delighted to have her working on my project.'

'Holly is a fabulous illustrator and also lovely to work with I am delighted with the work Holly has done for me.'

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